Are you ready? Here we go…


Hi! Welcome to my blog! This space is about my eventual journey into teaching. Well, proper teaching with a degree and everything else that comes with it. I’m a current student at ACU North Sydney studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. Outside of uni, I’m someone that loves music and singing, reading good books and watching movies specifically Disney. Ugghhhhh Disney!! ^_^

I participate in a lot of things like the Catholic Church, with me being a youth group leader, which is like a teacher but I don’t get paid and I don’t have a certificate in it but I can at least put it on my resume, right? I’m also a motivational speaker, speaking to primary and high school kids about life and living a life with CP (cerebral palsy) and everything being okay despite some challenges and obstacles that got in the way, including my faith.

So I’m really excited for you to come along on this journey and having fun, seeking and fulfilling challenges and find mysterious things. I mean, I’ve never blogged before but scrolling through Tumblr and reposting and loving Disney quotes and movie scenes. I think I’m starting to like this? Thanks COMM140!

So are you ready? Here we go…